KNOVA – CRM Provider

Ownership: Private
Founded: 1991
Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
Software Type: Knowledge Management, Web Self Service, Service Resolution Management

KNOVA Strengths/Key Features

  • Better problem resolution: lower cost, happier customers
  • More effective knowledge transfer to analysts and customers
  • Root cause analytics improve products
  • Divert calls to Web self-service


KNOVA Features

  • Effective Self-service
  • Resolution Flows
  • Diagnostic Scripts and Guided Search
  • A Structured Collaboration Environment
  • A Knowledge Capture Workflow
  • Root Cause Analytics
  • A Knowledge Source Manager
  • Process-level CRM Integration
  • J2EE Native Web Architecture
  • Resolution Wizards
  • Guided Natural Language Search
  • Personalized Portal for Proactive Service
  • Knowledge Capture Workflow
  • Integration with CRM Incident Workflow
  • Root Cause Analytics
  • Knowledge Source Manager
  • Audience Segmentation / Microsites



About KNOVA Software Corporate Overview

KNOVA provides Intelligent Customer Experience solutions that maximize the value of every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle. Our suite of self-service, contact center, and peer support applications automate the most critical part of customer service – actually resolving the case, not just tracking it. KNOVA’s Interactive Marketing solutions deliver a trusted, personalized, and optimized customer experience.

The result: reduced service costs while improving customer satisfaction, and increased revenues from a more loyal customer base.

Industry leaders including EDS, Ford, Hewlett Packard, H&R Block, Novell, Merrill Lynch, McAfee, Reuters, and QUALCOMM rely on KNOVA’s award-winning solutions to deliver world-class customer service. KNOVA is a Consona CRM Solution, and is owned by privately held Consona Corporation.


About Dynamics CRM Guru

We are a group of CRM Consultants and have rich experience in all Microsoft CRM versions. Currently we provide training in Microsoft CRM 2015/CRM 2013 and CRM 2011.

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