LeadTrack – CRM Provider

Ownership: Private
Founded: N/A
Headquarters: Fishers, IN
Software Type: On-Demand, On-Premise
Pricing: N/A


LeadTrack CRM Review / Key Strengths

  • At no additional cost, users can access LEADTRACK’s team of lead management experts.
  • Users can choose between hosted and client server solutions.
  • LEADTRACK works with clients to configure the look, feel and functionality of every solution to their needs.
  • LEADTRACK™ provides a centralized lead processing function as opposed to a decentralized or fragmented approach.


LeadTrack Features/Products

  • Automatically delivers sales leads to internal and external sales organizations according to predetermined criteria and speed feedback about the quality and viability of lead campaigns
  • Reduces fulfillment expense
  • Increases sales rep productivity and performance
  • Improves sales tracking precision
  • Measures marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Provides instant sales reporting tools to monitor sales lead aging
  • Facilitates faster sales lead distribution to the field
  • Provides quick access to sales lead status at headquarters
  • Tracks sales leads through the sales cycle
  • Optimizes communication with prospects
  • Instantly fulfills literature requests
  • Provides 30 standard reports for better sales management
  • Tailors customized reports to meet a customer’s specific needs
  • Provides remote browser access for instant sales lead update
  • Significantly increases the likelihood that a sales lead will be converted into a revenue generating event by the sales organization
  • Delivers lead conversion metrics and demand generation profitability or ROI so critical in this era of marketing accountability and economic downturn
  • There are no monthly subscription
  • US based technical support included for a year


About LeadTrack

LEADTRACK™ Software clients include manufacturers, distributors, advertising agencies, telemarketers, trade show exhibitors, financial and health care service companies, and, ranging in size from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs.


About Dynamics CRM Guru

We are a group of CRM Consultants and have significant experience in transforming businesses in the right way. We use this platform to share our knowledge which might help many others in the digital transformation journey. We are happy to help you if you are looking for any assistance in CRM implementation projects.

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