Zoho – CRM Provider

Ownership: Private
Headquarters: Pleasanton, California
Software Type: Hosted & On-premise Software
Zoho Pricing: Starting at $12/user/month

Zoho CRM Key Strengths

  • Lowest TCO with a rich feature set at a competitive price
  • Flexible deployment options (On-Demand as well as On-Premise CRM solution)
  • Ease of usage with web-based user interface, and Total customizability
  • Affordability

Zoho CRM Key Products

  • Sales force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Support Management
  • Order Management
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Workflow Management
  • Outlook Edition

About Zoho CRM Software

Zoho CRM is a Customer Relationship Management solution for managing your customer relationships end-to-end (marketing activities to post-sales customer support) in a better way.

The business benefits of Zoho CRM solution are,
* Lowest total cost of ownership: rich feature set at competitive price.
* Flexible deployment options: We offer On-demand as well as On-premise CRM solution with same feature set. Choose the solution that best meets your IT needs.
* Easy to use: With the web-based user interface it is very easy to use. No additional software is required except Web browsers. Zoho CRM is fully functional in multiple Web browsers on various platforms.
* No data lockup: There is no danger of your data being held hostage. Hence, one can take ones’ data off Zoho CRM if not satisfied with Zoho CRM using interactive data export utilities.

Zoho CRM is available in flexible deployment options, i.e., both On-demand and On-premise options. Select the best solution that meets your IT infrastructure requirements.

If you are planning to outsource your IT services subscribe to the Zoho CRM On-Demand CRM Edition. And if you already have dedicated IT infrastructure (Internet, Backup, Security, and other services etc.) deploy the On-Premise CRM Edition in your own LAN. On-Demand Edition and On-Premise editions contain the same feature set except On-Premise Edition is suitable for single/dedicated customer deployment, where as On-Demand CRM Edition is hosted at Zoho CRM – data center.


About Dynamics CRM Guru

We are a group of CRM Consultants and have significant experience in transforming businesses in the right way. We use this platform to share our knowledge which might help many others in the digital transformation journey. We are happy to help you if you are looking for any assistance in CRM implementation projects.

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