Siebel vs Salesforce vs SugarCRM

FEATURES Siebel CRM   OnDemand

Package All in One Team Edition Siebel CRM   OnDemand Sugar Enterprise
Minimum Users 1 1 1 5
Import Contacts from Text & CSV File
Import Contacts from Outlook File Import
Group Contacts
Multiple Address for Contacts
Categorize Subscribed / Unsubscribe Contacts
Categorize Valid and Invalid E-Mail Address of the Contacts
Send E-Mail to Contacts
Log a Call
Manage Contact?s Company Info
Add Tasks for Contacts
Prioritize Tasks
Change Tasks Status
Schedule a Task
Assign Task to a Sales Person
Add Opportunity to a Contact
Track Opportunities
Check Forecast for your Opportunities
Attach all the related documents to an Opportunity
Categorize Opportunities by 7 different stages
Track Expected Close Date and Expected Revenue to Opportunities
Manage all Customer Inquiries
Create a Customize Contact-Us form
Link your Web-Site with
Categorize Customer Inquiries
Add Answers for your Inquiries
Assign each Inquiry to a User
Manage Response Library
Filter Spam, Duplicate and Invalid E-Mails
Get Statistics of Aging of Inquiries
Auto-Management of Bounced E-Mails
E-Mail Archive
Service Level and Performance Report on Customer Service
Forward an Inquiry as E-Mail
Update the Contact Info from Inquiry
Convert an Inquiry into an Opportunity
Send Mailings to Contacts
Create Content for Mailings from Existing Templates
Basic & Advance Templates
Upload your Content for Mailings
Create Text and Html Contents
Add Placeholders in Content
Link the Contact Us Form in a Content
Manage From Address
Preview Content and Test Mailings
Track Contacts actions on Mailings (Open Track & Click through)
Add Forward to Friend & Unsubscribe links in Mailings
Executive Summary Report for Mailings

About Dynamics CRM Guru

We are a group of CRM Consultants and have rich experience in all Microsoft CRM versions. Currently we provide training in Microsoft CRM 2015/CRM 2013 and CRM 2011.

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