Companies who already use are anxiously awaiting the release of the Winter ’11 edition of the top-selling CRM software. The latest incarnation of is loaded with a bevy of new and enhanced features that are sure to increase the productivity and profitability of organizations of all sizes, shapes and scopes. From a host of new customization options that will make developers smile, to streamlined features that will make sales reps’ jobs easier, the Winter ’11 release of truly ups the ante across the board. The following overview will give you a basic introduction to the Platform newest and most exciting features.

Exciting Updates for Chatter

The biggest news about the Winter ’11 release of revolves around Chatter. Chatter is a streamlined collaboration tool that makes it easier for everyone in an organization to work together. It’s already been a huge success for the lineup, but the Winter ’11 release promises to make Chatter even more robust and useful. The vast majority of the major updates for involve Chatter in one way or another. Clearly, companies have been asking for these updates; SFDC has delivered. You can get an idea for what these updates include by reading on below.

Chatter Filters – When a lot of information is flying at you all at once, sorting through it all – and making sense of it – can be daunting. Happily, the Winter ’11 release of includes Chatter Filters. This feature can be used to short through your feed in a quick and easy way. You’ll be able to make faster use of the information that streams in – and you’ll be able to sort the important data from the not-so-important data. In the end, you’ll get up to speed without wasting a whole lot of precious time.

Chatter Files – The Winter ’11 release of now includes Chatter Files. Essentially, this is a single location in which files can be shared, stored and updated. Scrambling around for various files will now be a thing of the past, thanks to this innovative feature.

Chatter Topics – If you’ve used services like Twitter before, you’re already well acquainted with the concept of the hashtag. Chatter Topics lets you use hashtags to help share and sort important information with others. For instance, you can add a hashtag that says #Q3 to denote information that pertains to the third quarter of the year. Hashtags are remarkably versatile to use; you’re sure to get a lot out of them.

Chatter Search – Like many people, you’ve probably become spoiled by how easy Google makes searching. Now, Chatter comes with Chatter Search, which allows you to zero in on the info that you need, when you need it. The longer it takes you to find what you need, the less productive you are. Your productivity will soar when you get on board with Chatter Search.

Chatter Analytics – For the Winter ’11 release, now includes Chatter Analytics. It’s just one more way to make sense of the data that you’re constantly relying on in your day-to-day work. Spotting trends is a whole lot easier when you make use of Chatter Analytics; you can also make sense of how your organization is using chatter by putting this robust tool to work. Ultimately, Chatter Analytics will help you be a smarter, more strategic company.

Chatter Desktop – Having to open and close a browser just to check for updates can be very aggravating. That problem is eliminated, though, thanks to the newest version of’s Chatter Desktop feature. This useful feature allows you to see what’s going on without having to open up a browser. You can also be alerted to new updates and other important things through this highly intuitive and streamlined feature.

Chatter Email Digest – As busy as you are, having to go through each email on a one-by-one basis can really slow you down. The latest version of allows you to make use of Chatter Email Digests. You dictate when they arrive, then use them to enjoy at-a-glance summarizations of the day’s most important emails.

Mobile Updates for’s Winter ’11 Release

Mobile devices are taking the world by storm. In order to stay competitive, it’s critical to be on board with today’s most popular mobile devices. The Winter ’11 release of includes important updates for iPhones and the BlackBerry. You’ll now be able to update your status, upload photos and perform other tasks right through your mobile device. Better still, there’s now functionality for the iPad, which many business professionals have turned to since its release early in 2010.

Additional Features

The preceding updates are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Winter ’11 release of SFDC. Consider these extra benefits:

Salesforce for Outlook – Finally, Outlook can be fully integrated with Emails, contacts and calendar entries can be synched with the click of a mouse button. Life just got a whole lot simpler.

Quotes Template Editor – Creating and maintaining a fully customized operation is great. Thanks to the new Quotes Template Editor, it’s easier than ever to do so. You can add your company logo, custom fields and other important things to the quotes that you generate. The quote system itself can be completely customized so that it suits your company’s needs to a tee.

Real-Time Report Builder – Nobody likes toiling away at reports for hours on end.’s new Real-Time Report Builder helps you cut to the chase in a remarkably short period of time. As you create your report, you’ll be able to make use of a real-time preview of it. That way, you don’t end up wasting a lot of time only to find out that your report isn’t what you wanted. In terms of time savings, you just can’t do much better than that!

Article Detail API – Make the most out of articles by sorting them based on number of views and vote counts. You can keep your finger on the pulse of what matters the most by making use of this exciting, new-for-Winter-2011 feature. It’s another way that the latest version of ups the ante, helping you keep your company as competitive and sharp as possible.

Drag/Drop Dashboard – The dashboard of your interface is vastly important. Shouldn’t it be completely customizable, too? It always has been, but now it’s easier than ever to make it exactly the way that you want it to be. Just drag and drop various components to arrive at the configuration that is right for you and your employees. As your company’s needs change, just perform quick updates to your dashboard – it’s so easy to do that you could tweak it anytime you want!

In addition to the preceding features, there are plenty of goodies for developers included in the Winter ’11 release of They’ll have an easier time than ever making address your company’s individual needs. There’s never been a more robust or useful version of before; everyone from sales reps to high-level CEOs can reap incredible rewards by putting this intuitive program to work for them. The days of puzzling over complicated programs are long gone. Cutting-edge companies know that good CRM is essential – and is the gold standard when it comes to CRM. From top to bottom, the Winter ’11 release is a sure winner.

Make the Upgrade

If there’s one constant in the world of technology and business, it’s change. Innovations never stop cropping up; there’s always some new and exciting feature in the pipeline. The companies that stay ahead of their competition are the ones who embrace new technology wholeheartedly and enthusiastically. has always been the gold standard for topnotch CRM. With each new version, many improvements and enhancements make the experience more useful than ever. The Winter ’11 release of is no exception.

You can be sure of the fact that every company who’s serious about staying competitive will be upgrading to the latest release of Don’t get left in the dust! There’s sure to be plenty of features that will improve your company’s experience. From enhancing the productivity of your sales reps to making your developers’ jobs easier, is always a worthwhile investment. With each new release, more and more intuitive and efficient features are injected into the already-robust CRM tool.

The sooner you make the upgrade, the better. The new features of the Winter ’11 release are seamlessly integrated into Your employees already know how to use Salesforce; making the upgrade will be a snap. Give your employees every opportunity to truly excel and shine in their roles within your organization. Make the upgrade to the latest version of as soon as you can. The small amount of money that you spend initially will be paid back to you in spades down the road. In terms of return on investment, you can’t do better than the topnotch, high-quality features of