How to set default Entitlement during Case Creation in CRM 2016?

Before CRM 2015 Update, users had to set the entitlement to a case record manually and as with the latest Microsoft CRM update, it can be automated.


An entitlement can be set as a ‘Default Entitlement’ for a customer and thereafter when a case is created for the customer, which entitlement will be assigned to the case automatically which saves service user’s time.


Only when the Entitlement is activated, the button to set the entitlement as default would be available.


This would set the value ‘Is Default’ to true


Once the value is set, any new case created for the customer would have this entitlement associated automatically.



The key use of entitlement is to provide a finite number of case resolutions/hours for customers. It can also be enhanced to improve the case management process.


About Jobin Mathews

Jobin is a Microsoft CRM consultant and architect with experience in Microsoft CRM 2015, CRM 2013, CRM 2011 and CRM 4.0. Currently working with CGI as Microsoft CRM Architect for various Microsoft CRM projects.

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  1. Any way to bulk set a group of Entitlements to Default?


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