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Customer 360 View in Microsoft CRM – What does it really mean and how to achieve?

For any CRM implementation, Customer 360 view is an inevitable component client would ask for or expect to include even if not mentioned explicitly. Though the client requirement is often a one liner “Need Customer 360 View in place”, most of the times CRM analyst has to do lot of Q&A sessions to conclude what to include and what not to.  And, most of the times. it is confusing for the CRM development team what/where to show right information in the Customer 360 View and end up having too much information on the form which is a downfall.


Here we are going to explain what “Customer 360 view ” really means and the key aspects of having it:

Below are the samples of customer 360 view wireframes: Web and USD





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Editable Grid available in CRM On Premise- Dynamics 365 Update 2.1 Feature

“Editable Grid” is  a significant feature and surprisingly it has been delayed to introduce in Microsoft CRM. Though it has been released in the online version way before, Microsoft has just introduced it in the On Premise version – Dynamics 365 Update 2.1 (On Premise).


By Default “Editable Grid” would be disabled and it has to be enabled manually through solution configuration – for each entity.


Here is how we can configure the “Editable Grid” for case entity in CRM.


  1. Open a solution which has case entity added (or create a new solution and add case entity to the solution)

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Dynamics 365 Update 2.1 (CRM On Premise Upgrade) Available Now

Microsoft has published the latest update for CRM – Dynamics 365 Update 2.1 and is available to download.

To Learn more about the Dynamics 365 2.1 features and fixes:

To Download Dynamics 365 2.1: 


If you need any assistance upgrading your current implementation, please contact us. We would be happy to help you assisting in your Dynamics CRM implementation.


Dynamics 365 On premise update is now available with exciting new features

Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dec 2016 Update (CRM) with the exciting new features and bug fixes


Key features:

  • Editable Grid
  • Concurrently running Business Processes
  • Interactive Service Hub enhancements
  • Email engagement
  • Mobile App enhancements
  • Dynamics 365 App for outlook enhancements


Link to download the update:

Link to the KB article on the update:


Stay tuned for more details in coming days..

Strange Error while scheduling Service Activity in CRM 2016 – An Error Has occurred. Please return to homepage and try again.

We got a strange error [strange JavaScript popup alert] while scheduling service. Searching for the similar error in google did not help either. It took almost 2 days to narrow down the issue and find the root cause. If you come across the same issue, this post might help you.


An error while scheduling the service activity [Alert popup – not a usual error popup in CRM 2016]

“An Error Has occurred. Please return to homepage and try again.”


Root Cause for the error:


On the Service Activity form, there is a field ‘All Day Event’ which was removed from the form. This has caused the issue.



Adding the field “All Day Event’ back to the form resolved the issue! Strange!!

Unable to login to Dynamics CRM error while generating Crm proxy class – CrmSvcUtil

If you are experiencing the error ‘Unable to login to Dynamics CRM’ while generating the CRM Proxy class using CrmSvcUtil tool, you should try this to resolve it.

There is a new command parameter added to the CrmSvcUtil tool : interactivelogin:true

You may append this command parameter to your CrmSvcUtil command line and this would give you a pop up to enter the credentials and would sort the above mentioned issue.

Your command would look like:

CrmSvcUtil.exe /url:<Server url>/<Organization> /username:<username> /password:<pwd> /domain:<domain> /out:”Xrm.cs” /namespace:Xrm /serviceContextName:CrmContext /interactivelogin:true


Interactive Login popup window:


What is ‘Ticker Symbol’ field format in Microsoft CRM?

Ticker Symbol is a one of the formats of field type ‘Single Line of Text’ in Microsoft CRM.



This is a kind of text field which stores the value as string but clicking on this field value would open the ‘MSN money page’ [Stock Market details] for the text in the field value. Read the rest of this entry

MB2-700 Dynamics CRM 2013 Applications Certification Helper – Question#1

Which two record types require a reference to the subject tree? Each answer presents part of the solution. (Choose TWO)

A. Sales Attachments

B. Case Resolution Activity

C. Cases

D. Sales Literature

E. Knowledge Base articles

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Microsoft CRM 2016 Interview Questions

Q. What are the new features introduced in CRM 2016

Q. Explain the differences between enhanced SLA vs Standard SLA

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Navigation Bar change in CRM 2016/2015 update1

Navigation Bar in Microsoft CRM has a new change introduced in CRM 2016 (also CRM 2015 update 1). This is now more user friendly and options are more easy to choose from.

The tiles are smaller, so more fit into a grouping, while the bar at the top is wider and easier to see. These size changes make this navigation style easier to use on mobile devices like cellphones and tablets, and the group arrangement allows for faster access to the areas you’re looking for.