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Clarify CRM Interview Questions Part#6

101. Which pages are non-split JSP’s in clarify CRM?
A) exception JSP’***planation: the pages which are used to present error on client side.

102. Each of the exception and non split JSP should have an entry in a file. Please specify the name of the file.
A) exception_jsp_inc.js

103. Which of the following can’t be created in a new Jsp which is being modified using Customization Center.
A) TextboxB) Text AreaC) CheckboxD) Choice List

104. Which of the following is/are true about pageclass
A) It’s a collection of customized JSP’s to which you can associate CRM users.B) It can’t be used for JSP files that are displayed when the used is not logged in.C) It must follow

105. Which of the following statement is false about the WMSendMessage
A) The public function that programmers can use to send a message tone or more windowsB) Resides in console top level windowC) It resides in wm_inc.jsp and is available to all win

106. What is the use of the “client kits” in the clarifyCRM.
A) Provides API’s for communication with the external system.B) Provides communication gateway with the database layer of the CRM.C) Provides the implementation and communication

107. Which of the following statement is false about the Message Dispatcher

A) Implemented in wm_console_inc.jspB) Resides in console top level windowC) Implemented in wm_inc.jspD) When using the WMSendMessage function to send a message from any managed w

108. Which of the following statement(s) is true regarding the use of taglib directive to enable use of the custom tags in JSP page.

A) taglib directive specifies the location of the TLD file informing the servlet container where to look for the tag handler classedB) This directive is included in the pageinit_i

109. Which of the following is true about the editable grids in clarify CRM

A) Uses textbox, combo box and check box controls in the individual columns of the gridB) Allow the user to update the database without having to open and Overview/Edit window.C)

110. Customizing the JavaScript functions that comprise the window manager is supported

A) TrueB) False

111. Which of the following statements are true about the Proactive Messaging Servlet in the Clarify CRM.
A) It provides screen pops to route objects to agents.B) allows the server to communicate with the user without requiring the user to initiate the interaction.C) to send notificat

112. The uses of Controller Servlet are
A) Handle page request from worker beans.B) Doesn’t deal with Clariy CRM Session Object.C) Invokes worker bean in response to HTML button and links actions.D) Gets the name of the

113. Which of the following clarifyCRM applications do not generate the participants for order activity.
A) Clear SupportB) Clear CallCenterC) CaseD) None of the aboveExplanation: ClearSupport and Case do not generates participant for case activity.


Clarify CRM Interview Questions Part#5

81. Which jar file should be mandatiorialy be present in the classpath of the ClarifyCRM application
A) ClfyIntegration.jarB) ClfyShutdown.jarC) ClfyStartup.jarD) ClfySession.jar

82. Can CDO’s be accessed across JSP pages

A) TrueB) FalseExplanation: This can be done my Copycodo

83. The properties in the WorkerBeanImpl class for handling errors is
A) ErrorPageB) MessageBeanC) TitleD) postQueryValidateHook()

84. The class which serves as intermediary between worker bean and the error page is

A) ClfyFormB) WorkerBeanImplC) MessageBeanImplD) MessageBean class

85. Which of the following is false about extended filters ?
A) Search and lookup windows use extended filters to query the databaseB) Consists of a set of search specifications stored in the databaseC) The CBOs include a set of BOs to

86. Which of the following statements is true about the master Help File
A) Organizes application help mapping files in hierarchy.B) Has fixed file name clfyhelp.xmlC) Located in different directory as application map help mapping file.D) At runtim

87. Which of the following statements is true about SpellChecker functionality in clarifyCRM

A) Can provide spell check for any text control on a JSP.B) Uses winter tree software sentry spell checker for Java SDK.C) Is not a part of the ClarifyCRM framework.D) On clie

88. Which of the following is not the advantage of the Binding framework.
A) Seperates user interface (HTML markup) and dataB) Reduces the need to understand Beans when writing JSPsC) Sets data into HTML controls to displayD) Hampers retrieves and s

89. Validation framework in clarifyCRM provides the validation support for which of the following

A) Currency and currency symbolB) Numerical ValidationsC) String Length ValidationsD) a & b

90. Control manager is available to the controls that register for

A) Dirty bit checkingB) Parity bit checkingC) byte code checkingD) b & c

91. Which of the following is not a clarify specific bean

A) xbeanB) actionbeanC) workerbeanD) containerbean

92. Which function (Clarify specific) is called after the data request completes ensuring that code accessing CDOs will not do so until the data has arrived. ______
A) postDataLoadInit()Explanation: Normally it is the onload function that is called after the page is loaded, but clarify has it’s own wrapper for it.

93. Which locking mechanism is used by Clarify A) Optimistic lockingB) Lookup lockingC) Transaction LockingD) Pessimistic LockingExplanation: This is because the last saved data will be displayed.

94. State true or false :-You can write C++ applications that access the COM layer of the business objects.
A) TrueB) FalseExplanation: Though the Business Objetcs are written in C++ and provide wrapper for Java through JNI calls COM interfacing is not supported.

95. When the components (CBO and LPOMS) are implemented in a dynamic link library and thus execute in the same process on the server, such type of the framework deployment of the Clarify CRM is called ________________
A) In-process, applicable for version clarify 13.1+ version

96. When the components are implemented in the separate process(LPOMS.EXE) that runs n a different mach
When the components are implemented in the separate process(LPOMS.EXE) that runs n a different machine than the client does, such type of the framework deployment of the Clarify CRM is called ___________________
A) Remote Framework Deployment

97. Load balancing for clarify web session is done by using the built-in load balancing capability of the weblogic A) TrueB) FalseExplanation: done by using Data Access Service (DAS)

98. To enable the faster processing, Clarify CRM provides local caching for the following objects
A) CBOB) Routing ServerC) Classification EngineD) JSP

99. JSP upgrade is a three way merge process. Two of the inputs are Old version of the clarify JSP, New version of clarify JSP’s and the third one is _________
A) custom version of old JSP’s

100. Split JSP page typically contains the following –
A) BE-XMLB) CLFY-TAGSC) Some server side code that generates static values.D) Java Scriplets.

Clarify CRM Interview Questions Part#4

61. What is the use of CDOCOL. (Select Multiple)
A) It is the collection of CDOs.B) It is used to display the data on the search pages.C) It is the BindingElement and used to display the data on the search pages.D) It is used to

62. Can a user belong to more than one page class.
A) YesB) NoExplanation: No as it is the pageclass that decides which of the customized pages will be used for a user.

63. In clarify CRM billing manager the relation between the paymeans and billing arrangement is

64. The use of the eSupport Application in the ClarifyCRM is (Multiple choice)
B) Create casesC) Field ServicesD) Create work case***planation: eSupport is customer facing application in Clarify that is used for on going support to the

65. The use of the Customer Interaction Manager application in the ClarifyCRM is (Multiple choice) BeginnerA) Knowing the information required to assist/know the customerB) Tracking all the work performed during the interactionC) Manage opportunitiesD) Manage Field service***planation:

66. The use of the Order Management application in the ClarifyCRM is (Multiple choice) A) Defining the bundles of products and services that may be ordered utilizing eligibility rulesB) Configurable order captue process enforcing valid data entryC) Manage the comple

67. Which of the following application in Clarify Web Applications is customer facing application) eOrderB) eSupportC) SalesD) SupportExplanation: Options c and d are Agent facing applications.

68. Which of the following application in the Clarify Web Applications is agent facing application A) ClarifyCRM Sales ApplicationB) ClarifyCRM Support ApplicationC) ClarifyCRM Callcenter ApplicationD) eOrderExplanation: Answer – (a,b,c) because eOrder is the client facing appl

69. Which of the following is/are true about CdoManager –A) Provides methods to create and access client side Cdos.B) Used by Binding Framework to associate page element with beans.C) Converts modified Cdos back into XML on page submit.

70. Which of the following is/are true for Window Manager- A) Includes KeyBoardManager Component that allows hotkey to be defined for navigation purpose.B) Provides WindowManagement functionality.C) Provides handlers to pass data in between

71. Which of the statement(s) is true ? A) CDOBO – a single row in the CBOB) CDOCOL – Multiple rows In business objectsC) CDOCdo – a record from the table or view from the external systemD) CDOVariable – a collection of

72. What is the use of worker bean (Select multiple options)
A) communicate between jsp and save beanB) communicate between jsp and load beanC) communicate between child load bean and jspD) communicate between jsp and external system.

73. Which objects are mentioned in the client side Application Programming Interface (API) ( A) CDOB) CDOCOLC) CDO ManagerD) Category ObjectExplanation: Answer – (a,b,c) – Because they are used in the jsp while the category object is the server side component

74. Which objects are mentioned in the server side Application Programming Interface (API) A) Global Data ManagerB) CDOCOLC) CDO ManagerD) Category ObjectExplanation: CDOCOL is used in the client side.

75. Which java class specifies the name of the customized classes to be used instead of the OutOfBox clarify code __________________ A) Config.javaExplanation: It contains a HashMap that specifies which classes have been modified ,and which classes as substitution for them.

76. Can u create your own user defined CBOs in Clarify
A) TrueB) FalseExplanation: User defined CBO’s is not allowed. We use Generic BO’s instead.

77. Class BOContext is inherited from
A) SessionContextB) ApplicationContextC) FormContextD) None of the aboveExplanation: FormContext was the original class used but now BOContext has been created to make it more

78. What is the use of the Clarify CRM billing API’s (Multiple choice)
A) create and update billing accounts and associate billing account to business organizations B) create and update billing arrangements and associate them with the contacts and

79. objId field in the terms of relational Database terminology of Clarify is known as

A) pseudo-keyB) primary keyC) foreign keyD) none of the aboveExplanation: Option b is false because there is no concept of the primary key in clarify. Also the foreign key

80. Which of the following statements are true about the PM applets in the ClarifyCRM

A) Applet that runs on the browser to support communicationB) Receives and displays messages on the clientC) Provide the capability to interact with a CTI server, and process

Clarify CRM Interview Questions Part#3

41. If u want to get the reference of a cdo object in client side which of the following should be used

A) g_cdoManager.getCdoByName()B) g_cdoManager.getCdoById()C) m_cdoManager.getCdoByName()D) m_cdoManager.getCdoById()Explanation: Because at client side the variables are always re

42. The _________ binding element is designed to replace server-side Scriptlet code ina JSP that performs conditional testing on dynamic data with Java Script code on the client
A) SwitchB) Combo BoxC) Choice ListD) TextBox

43. Which one of the following is predefined Out of Box values for source and target windows of data transfer.

44. Which of the following statements is false about the Data Communication Framework.
A) JavaScript object that handles communication between windows on the client.B) Support callback functionsC) Contains data communication items which identify data to copy fro

45. Subclass wizard bean templates are written in a template coding language called
A) Velocity Template LanguageB) Verborsity Template LanguageC) Velocity Expert LanguageD) Verbosity Template Language

46. Which of the following statements is true about the windows broadcasting.
A) Is called a “Soft Refresh”B) Improves performance by avoiding server-side roundtripsC) Enables CDO refresh for all open windowsD) Do not provide functionality to update new

47. The toolbox configuration files for the ClarifyCRM Administrator are defined in
A) /commonjsp/desktop/Clarify.xmlB) /commonjsp/desktop/iAdmin.xmlC) /commonjsp/desktop/Admin.xmlD) /commonjsp/desktop/Toolbox.xml

49. What is the name of the feature by which the window manager automatically checks for the unsaved changes while closing the window and prompts the user to save any changes

A) window dirty bit checkingB) window bit checkingC) dirty bit window checking D) clarify checking.

50. Which tag contains the reference of the target worker bean
A) WBInfoB) WBCdoInfoC) WBSendInfoD) SubmitInfo

51) The class which acts as interface between the C++ and the Java layer of clarify

52. Which method on the client side is used to indicate that the node value has been changed
A) ifFieldDirty()B) isFieldDirty()C) isDirtyField()D) ifDirtyField()

53. . Worker bean calls ________ method to create, __________ method to initialize and ___________ method to initiate the creation of CBO’s within Save Bean

A) createSaveBean(), setUpSaveBean(), SB.init()B) setUpSaveBean(), createSaveBean(),SB.init()C) SB.init(), createSaveBean(), setUpSaveBean()D) createSaveBean(), SB.init(), setUpSa

54. This method is main entry point for the worker bean processing and is called by the controller servlet. The name of the method is

A) void processIncomingRequest(HttpServletRequest request, HttServletResponse response, BeanFactory beanFactory)B) void processIncomingRequest(HttpServletRequest request, BeanFact

55. Worker Beans, Save Beans and ________ together make up the Application beans in the ClarifyCRM.
A) Load BeansB) Child Worker BeansC) Child Load BeansD) Child Save Beans

56. Which of the following is/are true about savebeans –
A) Uses CBOs for database operation.B) May use Beanfactory to create other savebeans for complex database operation.C) They are Http aware.D) They can be customized by subclassing

57. The use of the eorder Application in the ClarifyCRM is
A) Search for productsB) Save the shopping listC) Create casesD) Log notes, views, statu***planation: eOrder is order management application in clarify that provides end to end su

58. Load/Save/ChildLoadBean/ChildSaveBean are HTTP aware
A) TrueB) False

59. For any activity like update and insert, performed in the clarify CRM, a log is created called activity log. Name the table in which it is stored
A) act_entryB) pay_meansC) log_entryD) act_logExplanation: The table contains a log for almost anything that is performed on clrify by users. Even the actions executed by proc

60. TLD file is an XML document that defines the _______,____________,____________ A) custom tags,B) operationsC) attributesD) tag handlers.

Clarify CRM Interview Questions Part#2

21. what are the real time problems involved in supporting the SAP CRM and their solutions especially in the area of Marketing and planning campanig managment

22. What is the full form of CDOCOL

23. Loading of the page in clarify is faster because of the following reason

24. what is the administration mode flag?where we set?

25. What is the use of binding framework in Clarify.

26. what is the process of upgradeshion?

27. Which of the following statements about the ClarifyCRM Business Objects (CBO’s) is true

28. Which of the following statements is false about the use of objId in the Clarify CRM database.

29. What is the full form of CDO

30. What is yanking ?

Does clarify database has explicit primary keys defined for the tables.

32. In clarify CRM billing manager the relation between the case and the site is

33. In clarify CRM billing manager the relation between the case and the contact is

34. Which of the following statement(s) is true about the Bean Factory

35. Worker beans are HTTP aware

36. Window Manager system consists of the
A) WMSendMessage functionB) Message dispatcherC) Message handlersD) Message invokers.

37. To add the shortcut keys to the Menu items we use the one of the following property

38. ClfyMenu custom tag used to create application menus consists of __________ and is defined as part
ClfyMenu custom tag used to create application menus consists of __________ and is defined as part of _________.

39. The alt_login_name field newly added in the table_user table in the ClarifyCRM 13.1 release is used
The alt_login_name field newly added in the table_user table in the ClarifyCRM 13.1 release is used to

40. Which function displays a JavaScript alert or logs a message to the debug window
A) WMAlert(strMessage, strDebug)B) WMAlert ( strDebug, strMessage)C) WMCAlert(strMessage, strDebug)D) WMCAlert ( strDebug, strMessage)

Clarify CRM Interview Questions Part#1

1. In clarify CRM billing manager the relation between financial account and the billing arrangement is
A) One to OneB) One to manyC) Many to oneD) Many to Many

2. What are the two types of binding defined in clarify
A) Control Level BindingB) Page level bindingC) Data level bindingD) Html binding

3. The data dictionary describes structure of database in terms of (Multiple choice)
A) object, fieldsB) relations, viewsC) joins, indexesD) CDO’***planation: this is because CDO’s are related to the Binding Framework and not to the data dictionary.

4. The use of the iSupport application in the ClarifyCRM is (Multiple choice)
A) Enable agents to work on the support and part request objectsB) Manage accounts, leadsC) To work on creation, assignment, dispatch and acceptance of the work cases.D) Manage Fi

5. Map Table provides mapping between following baseline Java Classes and their customized counterparts.
A) Worker Bean, Save Bean customizationsB) Controller ServletC) Load Bean customizationsD) CBO customization***planation: Controller Servlet can’t be customized.

6. how to add business partner in sap crm

7. What is the type ID for ‘case’ object?
1) 0 2) 7753) 444) 4115) 52The answer is only one among the above choices.

8. In CRM, Who is a customer?What is meant by relationship?What does the term management mean?

9. Robbie runs a small supermarket with four available checkout counters. The supermarket is busiest b
Robbie runs a small supermarket with four available checkout counters. The supermarket is busiest between 6pm and 7pm each weekday night. One evening, an angry customer stomed out of the supermarket complaining Loudly about the long queue dropping her basket of froddos on the floor as she left. Robbie would like to know if he needs to build a few more checkout counters. you are required to run simulation on the queue length at Robbie’s supermarket and adivse him on the optimum number of ch

12. Which of the following is true about the auto destination servlets in ClarifyCRM
A) Specify the rule_type parameter within the web.xml fileB) Uses the auto destination rules stored in the table_ruleC) Can be configured to use two different types of rules t
Latest Answer: C…..Last Updated By Aparna on July 19, 2007

13. Controller servlet can be customized.
A) TrueB) False

15. The use of the Sales application in the ClarifyCRM is (Multiple choice)

A) Enable agents to work on the sales objectsB) Manage accounts, leadsC) Manage opportunitiesD) Manage Field services

16. what are the components of crm foundation, and functionality of each component

17. what is the difference between start , update and transfer routine and explain it’s need

18. How to design test cases for Clarify CRM.

19. what is clarify CRM?

20. what are the problems in supporting the client implementing sap crm