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How to setup Routing Rule in CRM 2016/2015/2013 Update

In versions prior to CRM 2013, an entity could only be routed to default queue of the owner of the record when record is created or assigned. For any other conditional routing, custom development was the way to go.

Now with CRM 2013 update and above versions, we can configure rules to automate routing of Cases. At the moment this feature is only available for Case Entity.


Create Routing Rule Set:

  1. Go to Settings->Service Management->Routing Rule Sets


2. Create a new Routing Rule Set. One Routing Rule Set can have multiple rule items. Provide the Routing Rule Set Name and save the record to create rule items under this rule set. Read the rest of this entry


Unable to get property ‘firstChild’ of undefined or null reference – Error accessing Microsoft CRM

You might have received this annoying popup error while accessing Microsoft CRM. You might wonder if there is anything wrong with the Jscript customization in your solution! This is actually a browser related problem and you can fix it quickly.

Resolution: Add the CRM url to the ‘Trusted sites’ list and you would not get this issue. Its related to the activex control access.

How to setup Hierarchy Security in CRM 2015?

Hierarchy Security is a new feature introduced in CRM 2015. It makes the security architecture of CRM 2015 more flexible.

Common facts about Hierarchy Security

Before explaining how to setup hierarchy security in CRM 2015, I would like to mention few facts about Hierarchy Security.

  1. You can enable or disable hierarchy feature anytime from Settings>Security>Hierarchy Security
  2. Hierarchy feature can either be enabled on Manager Hierarchy or custom Position Hierarchy – cannot be enabled on both at the same time
  3. Hierarchy Depth is being used to limit the levels of access
  4. A manager or supervisor would inherit Read, Write, Append and Append To access on records owned by direct reports or owned by teams where direct reports are members in it
  5. A manager or supervisor would inherit only Read access on records owned by indirect reports or owned by teams where indirect reports are members in it
  6. To gain access via hierarchy security on any entity, Manager or Supervisor should have at least user level read access on that entity
  7. If we wish to exclude any entities from Hierarchy security access, it can be done from Settings>Security>Hierarchy Security




Read the rest of this entry

Options: Plugin, Workflow or Dialog

This post is inspired by a popular article by my ex coworker Humberto Lezama G. regarding when to use plugins or workflows for implementing custom logic in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. I have expanded the matrix to add additional criteria and more details about how each plugin vs. workflow handle different types of requirements. Additionally, I have added the new “dialogs” as an alternative in the chart. Read the rest of this entry

Data Design for CRM Projects – Customisation Approaches

What factors affect the design choices

Before getting to the different approaches, we need to consider what factors are most important when comparing different design approaches. Whenever we start a design for a customer, we have to be aware that each customer will put different emphasis on these factors. Read the rest of this entry

Transferring Data from One CRM Organization to Other Organization

Here is the way to transfer data from one Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization to another for some record type. This blog covers the steps you can follow to move data from one organization to another using Import Wizard. Let us take example that you want to move data for Account and Contact record types. Read the rest of this entry

Integrating CRM using SQL Integration Services (SSIS)

Many Microsoft Dynamics CRM (MSCRM) implementations involved integration with other systems. When I think of integrations between systems, the common approaches pop up immediately in my mind are BizTalk, Scribe or to write a custom integration framework using the CRM Software Development Kit (SDK).

Here is an approach that may be considered for your integration project which involves using SQL Integration Services (SSIS) to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Read the rest of this entry

Useful links for a Dynamics CRM 4.0 learner

I am just posting these lins here just because I felt like these will be relaly helpful for the newbies into dynamics CRM.

Developer Ramp up Kit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
This kit is for .NET based developers who want to ramp up and build on top of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. The best part is you may get videos here.  Read the rest of this entry

MS CRM – Workflow Best Practices – Reduce Wait time

As many of you know, the more items you have in a wait state in MSCRM the slower the system can perform. On of the best practices is to wake up every so often and perform your check and go back to sleep if the condition doesn’t meet.


Case: Wait 7 days and if the Status is not Completed then Send an escalation Email. Read the rest of this entry

Microsoft turns up the heat on, Oracle

Microsoft is rolling out its CRM Online service globally and offering financial incentives to users who switch over

Microsoft announced last week that it’s Dynamics CRM Online software is now available in 40 markets around the world, bringing it in closer competition with and Oracle’s CRM on Demand. Read the rest of this entry